Thursday, October 1, 2015

French Onion Soup by Chef Bari

Good Afternoon !  So - What's for Dinner tonight? 

How about French Onion Soup?  It's quick and extremely easy from the beginner cook to the most gourmet chef. 

When I had my ONE DAY OFF  working as a Chef, ( typically I would work 60-70 hours per day, 6 days a week)  I would spend as much time with my kids.  FROM bike riding to taking tae kwon do lessons in the evening. 

The point is, I had very little time on my side, so a fast dinner was quickly chosen.  Plus the fact I worked as a Chef, cooking all the time.  

Anyway - back on the subject : 

French Onion Soup fits perfectly into that category.

As you noticed from my first photo above, the French a Onion Soup has a nice caramelized rich brown broth. 

The following photos show you step by step photos.

Here's the Recipe : 

French Onion Soup by Chef Bari 

4-6 sweet white onions - sliced
2 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 cup of Red Wine (If you're going for that gourmet touch - it always sherry ) 
2 tablespoons of tomato paste 
1 litre of Beef or Chicken Stock 
2 tablespoons of beef base ( dry - use a couple of the small packages ) 
2 Bay leaves (optional)


Place sliced onions and butter into pot or sauté pan. Turn heat onto medium.  Once it starts to cook begin stirring.  Your onions will become transparent to a nice Amber colour. 
Next - add your sugar. Mix throughout.
Add your tomato paste. Mix throughout.
Add the red wine or sherry.  Let reduce. 
Add beef or chicken stock. Bring back to a nice simmer. 
Add beef base. Mix throughout. 
Throw in the bay leaves and let simmer on low heat for 20 - 40 minutes. The longer the richer the broth will become. 

TIP :  Add more beef stock if required.  Remember, you are making a nice rich soup, not a sauce. 

NOW - At this point, you have a couple of options.  You may take it to the gourmet level and a nice toasty large crouton with Gruyere Cheese ( go ahead and use mozzarella if that's all you have) 

Bowl (Plate Service) Gourmet style : place in French Onion serving bowls. Gratin your toasty crouton with Gruyere Cheese and place on top. You may place in the oven if you like, but not necessary. 

BUT - if your a busy parent and looking to cut corners - serve soup as is - trust me - it's delicious by itself.  And a lot less calories too!  

So - there you have it - French Onion Soup by Chef Bari.  

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And, just so you know, the gourmet Canadian French Onion and Wild Leek Soup version is in my cookbook.   It's the Hunters Version

Anyway - have an excellent week.  Cook'n Up A Storm by Chef Bari 

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